Mauler - Tool to workaround known issue

A new feature with the BlackBerry device software 4.3 and higher allowed the use of multiple address book lists. If a restore from a backup was performed the contacts were orphaned into a contact list that was not able to synchronize with the workstation (KB19414). Mauler is able to copy the contacts from an existing backup and into a new backup, consolidating into one contact list.

Desipio - Final college project - http://desipio.sourceforge.net/

A college project completed over 6 months in addition to regular class load. A file manager designed to operate across platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) providing a common interface while offering additional features to make file management easier. Features include a “breadcrumb” menu for directory paths, tabs for separating folders and a lower pane for quick file information. Written in the Python programming language and using wxWidgets allows for one common codebase.